PUU-KIVISTÖ IDEA COMPETITION IN VANTAA    Competition 1st prize, 2018   TIENO Architects, together with Arkkitehtipalvelu and NOMAJI Landscape Architects have won the Puu-Kivistö design-build competition in Vantaa, Finland. In collaboration with artist Osmo Rauhala.  The architecture of Bosco city block is unique and recognizable. It forms a well-articulated and homogenous ensemble through the simple and clear form language, which naturally emerges from the structural solutions. The strength of architectural concept lies in the vibrant volumes defined by the dynamic rooflines combined with the unique balcony facade where the load bearing structure plays the aesthetic role it deserves. The clever use of wooden cladding in elevations brings playful yet prominent appearance to the buildings.  Bosco city block is ecological by its nature. The load bearing structure is from LVL wood and wall structure is totally plastic and toxic free. Steeply pitched roofs allow to benefit from solar energy, but south facing balconies protects from overheating in summer. The green roofs together with reservoirs integrated in courtyard helps to manage rainwater.  The project will be realised in collaboration with Sisco Oyj and Sisco Vuokra-asunnot Oy.  For more information, please visit
  KIELOTIE 15, TIKKURILA IDEA COMPETITION    Competition entry, 2018     *in collaboration with PEAB Oy, Arkkitehtipalvelu and landscape architect Tuuli Salovuori
  IDEA COMPETITION FOR HAKANIEMI SEASIDE IN HELSINKI    Competition entry, 2018   The new district NYHAVN is a thoroughly designed ensemble that completes and unites Hakaniemi, Merihaka and Kruununhaka as well as both - North and South seasides. The new residential buildings of Hakaniemi fits in into existing city structure and scale. The Architecture is calm and harmonious, but with its own - strong identity. Both seasides have been redesigned completely, each acquiring new identity more suitable for assigned functions and use.     *in collaboration with landscape architect Tuuli Salovuori
  IDEA COMPETITION FOR HERVANTA NORTH AXIS CITY BLOCKS IN TAMPERE, FINLAND    Competition entry, 2017   The competition for the development of Northern Hervanta area was organized by the city of Tampere and asked for high quality design that would improve both the townscape and the functioning of the particular Hervanta area.     *in collaboration with Visura Oy
  REDEVELOPMENT OF TÖRNÄVÄ FORMER HOSPITAL AREA IN SEINÄJÖKI, FINLAND    Honourable mention, 2016   The new lively and vigorous city part of Törnävä is designed as a composition of playfully arranged city-blocks with the respect to the old hospital building complex and uneven terrain. Existing buildings form the ‘backbone’ of the new residential area and continue to play an important role in the distinguished historical milieu, while creating unique and attractive environment. The scale of designed city-blocks varies according to the suitable spot in the terrain and provides a diverse living environment for future inhabitants.
  JUGLA STREET 11-13 SITE DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL    Commission, 2015   The design for Jugla street 11, 13 building plot attempts to create a modest yet unique and high-grade built environment that would provide new residents with modern and prime quality dwelling space. The composition of three visually similar five-story apartment buildings, which are evenly distributed along the territory, fits naturally within the green environment and doesn’t compete with complex and disorganised surroundings. The buildings are situated in each corner of nearly triangular building plot forming an enclosed and intimate courtyard with a small amphitheater in the ‘heart’ of it. The steps conveniently orientated towards South West works as multifunctional platform that naturally attracts and encourages the residents for spontaneous interaction and different outdoor activities, while also connecting courtyard to the parking level. The volumes interact with each other in different angles creating both unique and rich shared public space as well as enclosed private backyard. Together buildings establish strong yet composed and pleasant milieu.   The buildings are designed as a modern interpretation of an typical Soviet-era high-rise apartment block with a strong emphasis on the quality for both living conditions and public domain. A careful planning, orientation and increased floor height to 3.4m are basis for securing the first target. The later one greatly relies on the quality of enclosing structures, and therefore special attention is paid to the building materials. A light site-cast concrete is chosen as a primary material for elevations due to its durability, ageing conditions and aesthetics. To compliment that, a contrasting, darker material is assigned. Dark bronze sheets are perfect for achieving visually unite composition of sculptural units on the upper – 5th floor.
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	mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;}      TOIJALA HYBRID     Commission, 2015   The planning on the rail yard consists of a hybrid unity that contains a multi-purpose hall, a wellness services center, an office hotel (or a hotel tower), housing blocks, a shopping center, office spaces and an underground parking lot. The public spaces designed on the area form a natural ensemble with the train warehouse, water tower and sports fields, with a particular emphasis on pedestrians and cyclists.  The rail yard area can be turned into various concepts e.g. it possible to organize different kinds of outdoor happenings such as concerts, exhibitions or the activity can be a part of the multi-purpose hall events like sports or fair events. In the planning of the multi-purpose hall there was a particular consideration regarding the traffic arriving from the train station and the conjunction of the buildings to the old train warehouse. The way from the station to the hall is easy and accessible. The new buildings fit naturally with the old rail yard scenery. All in all, the design suggest building 48 500 kem2 of new space and 912 parking places.
  NUOTTANIEMI SEASIDE BUILDING PLOT DEVELOPMENT STUDY    Commission, 2015   A study for potential scenarios of developing a building site in Finland was carried out in a strong cooperation with the land owner and potential developer. As a result two separate proposals of the land division and building typology were presented.    *in collaboration with Tuomas Raikamo
  NEW HOUSING FOR LINNAINMAA CITY-BLOCK IN TAMPERE    Honourable mention, 2015   The competition, organised by the city of Tampere, asked for high-grade architectural and urban design as well as innovative and divers living solutions within the limits of proposed town plan draft. The proposed solution reorganises the distribution of car-park plots in a skilful manner to maximise the size and increase the comfort of common yard.  *in collaboration with Tuomas Raikamo and Visura Oy
     REDEVELOPMENT OF SIIKALUOTO INDUSTRY AREA    Competition 2nd prize, 2015   Competition area of roughly 25 hectares is located just on the opposite side of historical city centre of Pietarsaari, separated from it by the train line. Due to shrinking presence of industry around 10 hectares of land with buildings were open for new development and fresh ideas. A proposed development for former industrial territory creates a new and lively part of historical city centre with a strong architectural identity and characteristics of historical values. New city structure is urban and based on the regular grid principle, while ingeniously combining existing and proposed buildings with new recreational and public spaces forming a clear, harmonious and healthy environment for the new inhabitants of the city. Former industry area is well connected to city centre by passage under train line which opens into gradually rising public square providing easy and pleasant access as well as welcoming view of redbrick factory building - a charming reminder of areas history.
  REDEVELOPMENT OF TOIJALA CENTER    Competition 2nd prize, 2015   Redevelopment for the city center of Toijala in the town of Akaa creates a new clear urban city structure and establishes more urban and attractive city center improving the comfort of its citizens and guests. Reorganized public space becomes an attractive choice for safe commuting, spending free time or organizing variety of activities. Newly formed public square in front of the City Hall is the central meeting point and the new "heart" of Toijala! 
  REDEVELOPMENT OF KOUVOLA CITY CENTRE BLOCK    Competition entry, 2015   The proposed development creates a more harmonious and well defined ensemble around the Pukimo city block. The Hansatori public square is intensified by setting clear borders of public space and new extension of old Market links it to the surrounding urban network. Approaching and passing through Pukimo city block is made simple and comfortable linking all the separate pieces together!
  NEW HOUSING FOR KANGAS PIIPPURANTA AREA IN JYVÄSKYLÄ    Competition entry, 2014   The proposal consists of four city blocks and elderly housing with car park building that naturally continues strongly defined preconditions of zoning scheme while honouring the old factory pipe. The city blocks are open and welcomes in the nature they are surrounded by while keeping the intimacy and feeling of security by means of architectural elements. The tailor made design of city block are taken to the limits considering not only materials of buildings but also whole public space.   *in collaboration with Tuomas Raikamo
  UGM ART GALLERY IN MARIBOR, SLOVENIA    Honourable mention, 2010   The plot of New UGM is located in a heart of city and has an important linkage with historic city and new promenade along Drava river. The plot is well exposed from other side of the river and affects the current city panorama. The terrain inclination towards river Drava has a key importance designing new museum in a historic setting. The New UGM building is contemporary and attractive cultural center for every inhabitant and guest of Maribor. The dynamic bouquet of linear volumes is a dense composition of Maribor historic city scale volumes while providing flexibility and diversity for exhibition spaces within building. Inclined roof structure allows maximum use of North orientated natural light.   *in collaboration with MADE arhitekti
  PEDESTRIAN AND BICYCLE BRIDGE IN MARIBOR, SLOVENIA    Competition entry, 2010   The new bridge is designed as a recognizable urban feature complementing the network of open public spaces at the river. It provides a straight connection between both embankments as well as various public spaces - creative 'pockets' where people can stay and enjoy the views on water of take part in different social activities. The connections at the both ends of bridge widens towards embankments to provide more integrated and easy access. The new bridge opens towards West and is an important part within circulation loop of public waterfront.  *in collaboration with MADE arhitekti
  RESIDENTIAL BLOCK AND LANDMARK OF TOIJALA    Student competition 1st prize, 2009   The competition called for brave and unforeseen architectural solutions for new residential block with affordable housing units and integrated business premises. Located in the city center of Salo it was to become a symbol and new landmark of city. We used the most efficient type of housing unite in Finland, but by arranging them into pattern of a chess board we created a new typology of city block which interacts with city and provides the inhabitants of city with urban space that varies from public to semi public and private. The building becomes part of city space while city space becomes part of building. The composition has its own - strong identity and the qualities of architectural landmark.   *in collaboration with Harri Lindberg
  ONE-FAMILY HOUSE IN SALASPILS, LATVIA    Commission, 2008   The name of the house - "Biksu Maja" comes from the floor plan resemblance to the shape of trousers, spotted by the child of client's family. The modern interpretation of pitched roof one-family house is designed as a compact and freestanding volume that uses the proportion of the narrow and deep building plot to its advantage. Building aligns with the shape of plot, but splits up at the street side, creating an intimate and protected courtyard. The light rendered elevations faces street and are more closed while courtyard elevations have dark wood cladding and large openings to increase amount of natural light inside.
  ARCIHPELAGOVILLA , FINLAND    Commission, 2017